18 road sections switch to toll system in Kazakhstan from June

Photo: Akhanov
From June, 18 road sections switch to a toll system in Kazakhstan, refers to the press service of NC KazAvtoZhol JSC announcing.

"Under Nurly Zhol state program for 2020-2025, it is envisaged to introduce toll charges on 11 000 kilometers of republican roads. Since June, 18 toll sections with a total length of 5.8 thousand kilometers are to be put into commercial operation," it is announced.

The company also told which vehicle drivers will pay the fare.

“It depends on the technical category of the road. For example, if the road is of the I-technical category, then all vehicles will be paid, if the road is of the II or III category, then only trucks will pay. Fares have not changed or increased, despite various external factors. And the rates of fares for new sections are currently under consideration by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development,” the company says.

A decision was made to introduce an "open" fees collection system, which implies absence of barriers in toll areas. The passage of cars will be recorded on the control arches using special cameras and equipment.

"In order to pay for travel on such roads, there are many options for replenishing the account with a state vehicle number, special tags (RFID tags) are also provided, the signal from which will be read on the control arches, from which the balance will be written off as payment for the fare," the company added.

Payment is introduced on the sections after reconstruction works completion.

"New toll roads are designed with a priority on safety for all road users. Therefore, with their commissioning, it is planned to minimize accidents on republican roads," NC KazAvtoZhol JSC concluded.

15:09, 17 May 2021

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