Tokayev on interethnic conflicts in Kazakhstan

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At an expanded meeting of the Council of the Kazakhstan People’s Assembly, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev spoke about the growth of interethnic tensions and conflicts in Kazakhstan, reports.

"World practice shows that the compact residence of ethnic groups contributes to their socio-cultural isolation. This leads to the emergence of ethnic enclaves, cultural, linguistic barriers, leading to an increase in interethnic tension and even to the emergence of conflicts. Therefore, taking into account such negative experience in the world, it is necessary to develop systemic measures to overcome the negative tendency of the formation of closed, ethnic areas and quarters in rural areas and cities of our country," Tokayev said.

According to the President, in a number of regions there is a phenomenon of internal migration, when representatives of ethnic groups distance themselves from Kazakhstani reality.

"Such a tendency can hinder the full integration of ethnic groups in Kazakhstani society. I believe that such serious problems should be spoken openly and frankly. These problems must not be concealed; otherwise it can lead to extremely undesirable results. And we will not be able to realistically assess the complexity of the emerging issues. The problems of regional development should be considered primarily from the point of view of the exceptional importance of achieving harmony in the ethno-demographic sphere. This is also associated with a consistent improvement in the quality of human potential," the Head of State continued.

Tokayev also stressed that the state will purposefully pursue a policy of socio-economic integration of ethnic groups and suppress any problems in this area to avoid their escalation into conflicts.

"Moreover, we are well aware that such conflicts are the work of malicious provocateurs. We will fight against such provocateurs and will be merciless," Kassym-Jomart Tokayev concluded.

Ekaterina Eliseyeva
14:21, 21 October 2021

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