Tokayev held meeting on industrial- innovative development in Karaganda

courtesy of RK President press service
Kassym-Jomart Tokayev held a meeting in Karaganda on industrial- innovative development of the country, cites the Akorda press service reporting.

Opening the event, the President emphasized that Kazakhstan needed a strong, technologically advanced industry capable of successfully competing in the global and especially in the regional markets.

"We are witnessing growing competition in the worsening world environment, aggravation of trade wars and, in general, global contradictions. The world, as we see, is changing, so we need to keep up with the times," said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

He tallied up the work accomplished: “Over the years of industrialization, 1,250 new industrial enterprises were opened with an investment of more than 8 trillion tenge. 120 thousand new jobs were created. Manufacture of more than 500 new types of products not previously made in Kazakhstan was established.”

Nevertheless, according to Tokayev, there are no cardinal shifts in the structure of the economy. Over more than 10 years, the share of manufacturing in GDP has been around 11%. The growth of labor productivity from 2015 to 2018 reached only 4% at the planned 12%.

In this regard the President outlined a number of tasks to be addressed by the Government and governorates.

The first direction is active development of export of finished products. As noted, the past 3 years have seen a- 8% drop in the share of the manufacturing sector in the total structure of exports, from 34% in 2016 to 26% in 2018. Kazakhstan exports about 180 types of manufactured goods, while Russia - 358, Belarus - 690, China - 1400.

The head of state proponed a number of effective measures to stimulate the producers’ access to foreign markets. According to him, it is necessary to analyze promising export markets, examine the customs tax, tariff and other requirements to access these markets, and determine effective transport and logistics solutions.

Another focus area is quality marketing. As Tokayev emphasized, the order to create a nationwide brand, and on its basis - investment, tourism and industry brands has not yet been fulfilled. The same situation, according to the President, is observed with the creation of umbrella brands for domestic products.

He gave the Government two months to complete work on the formation of brands.

The second direction is development of the "economy of simple things." “We have many productions of goods that we can be proud of,” said Tokaev.

At the same time, 600 billion tenge allocated to support domestic producers did not reach the target due to bureaucratic problems. "As I was informed, as of August 16, a total of 148 projects were approved in the amount of 62.3 billion tenge," the President said.

He criticized the situation with state-regulated procurements: "Every year, their volume exceeds 10 trillion tenge. Moreover, the share of Kazakhstan content is 34%. That won’t do."

He detailed on the situation in the investment sphere, specifically noting that free economic and industrial zones have not yet fully become "points of attraction for investments."

The President also dwelled on the outlook for the growth of high-value production, development of industry elements 4.0 and innovation, and enhancement of the industrialization support tools’ effect. The construction of a new economy should be based on the innovative and scientific-technical development of basic industries, as well as the development of industries of the" economy of the future, "he believes.

Laura Tusupbekova
19:15, 23 August 2019


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