Tokayev addressed volunteer organizations’ meeting

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev took part in the online meeting with representatives of charitable, volunteer organizations and the business sector, refers to the Akorda press service reporting.

Addressing the meeting, the President noted that amid the pandemic, charity and volunteering in the country have taken on a nationwide scale and are becoming a social norm. He thanked everyone who gave a helping hand to compatriots, showed charity and solidarity.

The President stressed that the development of volunteer activities, support of charity and patronage is a long-term priority of the state. Volunteering itself is one of the most vivid manifestations of patriotism. The announced Year of the Volunteer has united absolute majority of citizens around the movement of good deeds, as evidenced by many charitable and volunteer projects that have appeared on the initiative of Kazakhstanis.

The President expressed confidence that his initiative voiced at the general political debates of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly to declare an International Year of volunteer mobilization for development will be responded to, given the large role of volunteers, charitable foundations in countering the pandemic. In his opinion, in the development of volunteering and charity, Kazakhstan keeps up with progressive international trends. The year of the volunteer gave a serious impetus to this direction.

“The number of people directly and indirectly involved in charity is constantly growing. It has been decided that volunteering should be counted in the service length of employees. In addition, volunteering will provide some advantages in the enrollment to universities and colleges,” Tokayev noted.

Currently, a law on charity is being developed, which will spell out clear and effective legal mechanisms.

Now the legislation provides for a tax exemption of 3% on the profits of large and 4% on the profits of medium and small businesses allocated to charity projects. Small and medium-sized businesses should enjoy these benefits. Tokayev instructed to analyze the situation and carry out appropriate work in this direction. It should be convenient and profitable for businesses to openly direct funds to charity.

He believes that all forms of individual charity should be developed. A system should be built like in foreign countries, where practically everyone can take the initiative and direct their funds to charitable purposes.

“Unfortunately, we have not yet properly built the appropriate information work, have not created mechanisms that inspire confidence in people. We often see and hear in the media that citizens do not know how and to whom they can help. If a person has passed this stage, then later he often worries whether his money will go to charity,” said Tokayev.

He instructed to work out all the proposals and initiatives expressed at the Council for the development of charity under the Government, and not to delay the relevant amendments to the legislation.

At the end of the meeting, a number of active benefactors and citizens were awarded medals for their selfless work during the pandemic.

14:28, 30 September 2020