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The XVI Eurasian Media Forum has opened in Almaty. The topic of the forum is "The world today: the transformation of reality," reports.

“Dear forum attendees, I welcome the media forum. More than a decade and a half ago, this platform emerged, where the journalistic community exchanges views on a wide range of topics. The forum arose on the wave of insights into serious changes in global geopolitics after the events in September 2001 in New York. From year to year, the media forum discusses most acute, topical issues on the international and regional agenda,”- Minister of Information and Social Development of the RK Dauren Abaev read out the welcome address of the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

In his greeting, the President noted that more than 7.5 thousand representatives of the media community, including 700 experts from 60 countries of the world, take part in the forum.

"Kazakhstan has entered an important development phase. Early presidential elections will be held on June 9. This event has already attracted closer attention of the international community. As the current President of Kazakhstan, I am committed to holding fair and democratic elections and welcome the participation of a representative delegation of international observers and media", - President said in the welcome address.

In addition, the President noted that the world community is concerned about the protection of people against unauthorized information leakage, actively discussing the problems of intervention with the use of digital technologies in elections and political processes. Social institutions are concerned about the destructive influence of the Internet and social media, including on the younger generation. People need to build immunity to new phenomena and threats. All these and other problems should be closely studied in the media community in order to get comprehensive answers. I wish you fruitful work and achievement of all the goals, "- the welcome speech reads.

At the XVI conference of the forum, the speakers will discuss new models of world development against the background of the emerging de-globalization, the growing crisis of consumption associated with depletion of natural resources and food shortages, also new opportunities and challenges that are borne by the widespread introduction of artificial intelligence.

11:25, 23 May 2019


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