Nazarbayev attended victory parade in Beijing

Military men from 17 countries are taking part in the parade.
In the frames of his state visit to China Nursultan Nazarbayev attended the parade marking the 70th anniversary of Chinese people’s victory in the war of resistance to Japanese militarists, reports quoting Akorda.

The parade was also attended by over 23 leaders of states and governments, heads of international organizations. Five Kazakhstani veterans have been invited to it as well.

"We were pleased to invite veterans who fought in the war, especially in the Chinese front. 70 years ago, we won shoulder to shoulder the victory at the front, and today must also be together to celebrate the memorable date," - said the deputy chairman of the Chinese People's Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries Chin Woo Sung. 

During the solemn march, all military troops of the PRC, the newest samples of military equipment, as well as units of the armed forces of 17 countries went through the Tiananmen Square.  

Kazakhstan’s 76 military guards of honor of the Airmobile Armed Forces marched in the parade in Tiananmen Square. 

09:47, 3 September 2015


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