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Kazakhstan's trade policy should cease to be toothless - President

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In his annual state-of-the-nation address Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that export-oriented industrialization should become a central element of the economic policy, correspondent reports.

“The government should focus on supporting exporters primarily in the manufacturing sector. Our trade policy should cease to be toothless. It should be proactive in promoting our products to regional and world markets. At the same time, our enterprises should be helped to develop a wide range of consumer goods. To develop the so-called economy of simple things. Look at what is happening around it, how the producers of Belarus protect themselves, what happened to Kyrgyzstan when we blocked their roads, how they fought. Unlike them our producers are silent, do not argue with anyone, because they think that only top management should argue with someone, "said the President.

As Nazarbayev emphasized, everyone should fulfill their duties and protect our business. This is important not only in terms of realizing the export potential, but also as a measure to saturate the internal market with domestic goods. The less the state imports commodities, the more independent it is.

“It’s time for us to engage in consumer goods. We overlooked it. You are wearing foreign clothes, but we can make suits and shirts too, own goods. I showed you, when I wore and continue to wear suits made in our country, and they are not worse and ten times cheaper," President said, noting that gradually every year it is necessary to reduce the import of what Kazakhstan can produce independently, for which we need to develop the processing industry.

"Saturation of the domestic market should be the main guideline of our Government. I instruct the Government to budget additional 500 billion tenge to support the manufacturing industry and non-commodity exports over the next three years. I am instructing the National Bank to provide long-term tenge liquidity to banks in the amount of at least 600 billion tenge for affordable lending to priority projects,"- President said.

Yulia Mager
12:20, 5 October 2018

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