Kazakhstan has shortage of professions, not unemployment - Nazarbayev
The first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, visited the Republican public headquarters of Nur Otan party’s candidate, where he held a conference call with the heads of regional headquarters, cites the first President’s press service reporting.

Opening the meeting, Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that the work of the election headquarters is under his personal control.

“7 candidates run in the elections. This is a sign that there is political competition in our country. Candidates represent the interests of various public groups and associations. Each candidate has put forward his own program for development of the country and society,” said the First President of Kazakhstan.

He focused on the implementation of state programs on infrastructure development, housing construction in the regions, support for socially vulnerable groups of the population, and creation of new jobs.

“There is no unemployment in Kazakhstan, but there is a shortage of professions. Therefore, a program was developed, on which the first working profession is given free of charge. We have created all conditions and opportunities for young people,” Nazarbayev said.

He highly appreciated the progress of the nationwide action "Bіrge" aimed at forming an effective feedback with the population.

"The party needs to ensure effective control over the execution of all the orders. Party members should feel the responsibility. We need to implement the Party program by 2030, which we adopted at the 18th congress. Nur Otan party should become the flagship of the country's modernization," said Nazarbayev.

Ending the meeting, he emphasized special significance of the political processes within the country and called on Kazakhstanis to actively participate in the voting in the upcoming elections.

16:04, 23 May 2019


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