Rural akims election results tallied up

Photo: inform.kz
The Center for non-party observation of elections has tallied up the results of the election of rural districts’ akims, Kazpravda.kz refers to MIA Kazinform reporting.

“The Center for non-party observation of elections took an active part in observing the elections of akims of cities of regional subordinance, villages, townships, rural districts on July 25. On the voting day, from 7:00 am, more than 2 000 observers of the Center took part in observing the voting at 1845 polling stations in all regions of the country, including the most remote polling stations,” the chairman of the Center, Tolegen Kunadilov, told the briefing.

Most of the violations were technical and were promptly eliminated by members of local election commissions. These were: attempts by individual citizens to vote for their family members; two people entering the voting booth; attempts to receive a ballot paper without presenting an ID; individual facts of non-observance of social distance.

“In total, our observers recorded 12 such violations. Basically they did not affect the legality and transparency of the polls,” Tolegen Kunadilov said.

According to him, there were no complaints about vote counting process either. The observers noted openness and transparency of the counting procedure.

15:27, 26 July 2021

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