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New mayor appointed in Pavlodar

Deputy governor of Pavlodar region Nurzhan Ashimbetov became the head of the regional center.
Photo from pavlodarnews.kz site.
Former deputy governor on agricultural issues Nurzhan Ashimbetov appointed new mayor of Pavlodar, Kazpravda.kz reports with reference to pavlodarnews.kz.

Nurzhan Ashimbetov was born in 1969 in the village Chernoye, Lebyazhye area of Pavlodar region. He graduated from Almaty Veterinary Institute and Almaty Institute of Economics and Statistics. He began his career as a specialist at Pavlodar Territorial Committee on State Property, and then he worked as a consultant of the corporation "Karana" of the US Agency for International Development. He was chairman of the production cooperative, director of the agricultural firm of Lebyazhye area.

In 1999 - 2008 he was deputy head of Aktogay area, and then he headed Lebyazhye area, and became a head of the agriculture department of Pavlodar region. In 2008 - 2009 he was the state inspector of the Presidential Administration. In 2009, he served as mayor of Petropavlovsk; in 2012 he was appointed deputy governor of Pavlodar region.
Erzat Sergazin
14:29, 13 April 2016


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