Kazakhstan State Secretary meets with Ambassadors

Kazakhstan State Secretary Adilbek Jaksybekov received credentials of the ambassadors of Sierra Leone, Malta, Portugal, Croatia, Cyprus and the Republic of Chad.

The Ambassadors with concurrent accreditation to Kazakhstan are: Sierra Leone - John Sahr Francis Yambasu, Malta - John Debono, Portugal - Mario Godinho de Matos, the Republic of Croatia - Igor Pokaz, the Republic of Cyprus - Giorgos Kasoulides, the Republic of Chad - Yussuf Abassalah. At the bilateral meetings with the State Secretary, the situation and outlook for development of bilateral relations were discussed.

Adilbek Jaksybekov said under the globalization conditions, the bilateral cooperation in political, economic, trade, scientific, cultural and other areas meets the national interests.

The parties confirmed interest in expanding contacts in a wide range of areas, in particular, the international and regional security, mutual investment and trade, alternative energy and agriculture, science and education, tourism and other promising areas.

The Secretary of State expressed hope that the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors of these states will contribute to boosting cooperation between the countries.

After the ceremony of handing credentials, the ambassadors shared their plans for work in Kazakhstan and views on further development of bilateral relations with our republic.

The Ambassadors of Sierra Leone and Malta expressed hope for establishment of closer cooperation with Kazakhstan and its business community, noted the outlook for cooperation in tourism and invited Kazakhstanis to visit their countries.

Portuguese Ambassador also expressed hope for further cooperation between the two countries, stressing that the Kazakh-Portuguese relations are fruitfully developing.

Croatian Ambassador noted that Kazakhstan is a large and promising partner for his country. Croatia as a member of the European Union has certain advantages. -The potential for cooperation is ample including in tourism.

Ambassador of Cyprus said many Kazakhstani businessmen have established contacts with Cypriot entrepreneurs. There are good opportunities to improve the business ties, the ambassador resumed.

Ambassador of Chad stressed the need to strengthen and expand mutually beneficial bilateral relations.

Yulia MAGER 


11:25, 5 April 2014


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