All Majilis candidates’ registration in CEC accomplished

Central Election Commission has accredited first 12 election watchers.
Kazakhstan's Central Election Commission has registered eight candidates of Birlik party for the elections to Majilis, Kazpravda.kz reports.

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Kuandyk Turgankulov handed to the Birlik party’s deputy chairman the certificates of candidates on the party list.

As of February 12, all the 6 party lists are registered in the Central Election Commission. These are the lists of Nur Otan, DPK Ak Jol , Aul, CPPK, NSDP and Birlik parties.

The CEC meeting also resolved on accreditation of the first 12 watchers in the early parliamentary elections and in the regular maslikhat elections, scheduled for March 20, 2016. These are OSCE / ODIHR watchdogs.

15:50,12 February 2016

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