21 abstained in voting for Mamin as PM

Archive photo: Kazpravda.kz/Adilbek Tauekelov
The factions of the People's Party of Kazakhstan and Ak Zhol party in Majilis abstained from voting for Askar Mamin's candidacy for the post of the Prime Minister, Kazpravda.kz correspondent reports.

According to the voting results, 21 Majilis deputies abstained during the voting.

As the head of the People's Party of Kazakhstan faction, Aikyn Konurov, said, today the faction cannot support the proposal to keep Askar Mamin, as well as members of his cabinet.

“In your first state-of-the-nation Address, you announced transition to the concept of a “listening state” in terms of establishing an effective system of communication with the population and business. At meetings with voters, people complain more and more that the Government and local executive authorities began to formally treat their work. Their problems are no longer noticed behind the figures of reports. Ministers and some akims fence themselves off from the people. This leads to misunderstanding, and in some cases discontent, growth of social tension,” said the deputy, addressing President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who was present at the meeting.

Aikyn Konurov noted that at the meetings with the candidates for deputies from the PPK, the people expressed dissatisfaction.

“Our people are very patient and kind (…). Unfortunately, the Government was unable to create a system that was supposed to work efficiently and bring about public confidence. The pandemic and falling prices for raw materials have led to a decrease in the population's income. Citizens began to spend more than 50% of their income on food alone, the rise in prices in Kazakhstan is the highest in the EAEU. All the government began to do was correcting the statistics. The people really do not like it,” the deputy argued.

For all that, the candidacy of Askar Mamin was supported by the majority of votes from the Nur Otan faction.

Laura Tusupbekova
16:25, 15 January 2021

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