Visitor slaps a waiter in the face in Almaty

Screenshot from video
In Almaty, a visitor to a cafe who hit a waiter in the face will be punished, reports.

Earlier in the social networks, a video was circulated in which a visitor to one of the cafes in Almaty punches a young waiter in the face, who accidentally spilled a drink on him. The publication aroused fair indignation among the users of Kaznet.

“Yesterday on the Internet everyone was shocked by a video where a guy hit the waiter for spilling a drink on him. We immediately proceeded to check, as a result of which the identity of the attacker was established. Already today we have detained citizen U., born on January 31, 1992," Rustam Abdrakhmanov, deputy head of the Almaty city police department for investigative work said in his Instagram account.

The offender was taken to the police department of the Medeu district to participate in investigative actions and will be brought to justice.

Later, a video appeared with the Almaty resident apologizing to the victim and the public.
14:58, 29 July 2021

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