Tractor drowned in Kostanay rgn, three workers died

In Karasu district of Kostanay region, not far from the village of Komsomolskoye, a K-700 tractor slid into a ravine with melt water and overturned. Three people drowned and died, one managed to rescue himself, reports.

According to Kostanay region’s police department, the workers of the local LLP Astana Grand Trade were on the way to the neighboring village.

According to the director of the LLP, Kuanyshbek Tursunov, four of his workers were sent from the village of Komsomolskoye to the village of Kyzketken. Why they went there on a tractor instead of a special transport intended for it, is yet to be found out.

The road they took is annually washed out and flooded, Kuanyshbek Tursunov said. “The Kirovets fell through, lay on its side, after a while it was put on its wheels by a stream of water. There were three men in the cabin, and the fourth was standing on the running board, which is against the rules, but it saved his life. Three tried to get out of the cabin, one was washed away, and two got shortly choked with icy water that gushed on them ... "

The bodies of two workers were found in the tractor cabin, and the third was found 6 km away from the accident site. The accident happened at about 18:30 - just at this time people were returning from work and saw the overturned K-700. The surviving worker, a welder, managed to get out and ran for help. There is only a kilometer of distance between the villages.

“The bodies were removed from the cabin only in the morning, as it took the rescuers 5 hours to get to us on a Gazelle. What would they have done? Therefore, they decided to search in the morning,” the director said.

"In this village, the road is badly washed out every year, and it does not depend on the amount of snow. People have to stay 4-5 days a year without bread, an ambulance cannot reach them, because the road is cut off, so is the telephone connection ... "

21:41, 14 April 2021