Ten people rescued from forest fire site in WKR

In West Kazakhstan region, 10 people were rescued from the forest fire site, reports.

Burning of dry grass on approximate area of 8 hectares and a forest on an approximate area of 5 hectares was registered at 14.55 in Baiterek district on the territory of the "Yanvartsev communal state institution for the protection of forests and wildlife".

Two and a half hours later, the fire spread across the Ural River to the Terekta district on the territory of the "Uralsk Municipal State Institution for the Protection of Forests and Wildlife", where about 5 hectares of dry grass and 3 hectares of forest were engulfed in fire.

10 people were rescued from the place of the fire by the DES team, 9 of them are children who were kayaking on the Ural River.
As noted in the authorized department, there is no threat to the nearest settlements.
The fire was assigned the fifth, highest, hazard class.

Natalia Portnyagina
20:10, 16 August 2021

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