Stray dogs were shot in front of children in Zhambyl rgn

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Animal control workers in Zhambyl region were shooting down stray dogs in front of children, refers to reporting.

According to the TV channel, three facts at once of cruelty to animals in different parts of the country were posted in social media.

In Karaganda region, a man with a stick attacked a neighbor's dog and, according to the hostess, beat off its kidneys. The woman went to the police.

A resident of Aktobe saw a corpse of either a dog or a peeled fox thrown into the rubbish container. Who could have done this is anyone's guess. The shocked woman called the police.

In Zhambyl region, workers of the service for trapping stray animals were shooting down stray dogs in front of children. The "liquidators" were not put off by the fact that a village school is just a few meters away. And just at that time, the children were leaving the school. In their own defense, the workers said that they did it at the residents’ request. They will still be punished, but only with a fine.

"An administrative protocol will be drawn up under Part 1, Art. 408 of the administrative infractions code," says a specialist of the DP external communications of Zhambyl region Begman Kutmyrzaev.

08:43, 5 February 2021

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