Soldier who lost his hand in explosion told details

A soldier from Aktau who lost his hand during a grenade explosion does not consider himself guilty of emergency, reported.

According to the investigation, the serviceman violated safety precautions when handling weapons. A criminal case has been filed. If his guilt is proved, the man will have to pay six million tenge for damage to property. However, the serviceman, Sergei Koshelev said he did not know that he was holding a combat grenade. Moreover, he never signed the precaution instruction on combat equipment. Allegedly his signature was forged.

In July, he and the rest of the soldiers were on exercises, and a colleague asked for help. Sergey saw a grenade on his desk, and he was sure that it was a mock-up. Such shells were shown to them at school. He took out the pin and laid it on the table.

“I turned and the explosion went off, then I saw that I had no fingers,” Sergey Koshelev recalled.

2.5 months Sergey Koshelev was under treatment. At the hospital he was informed that now he is one of the main suspects in the criminal case. He is accused of violating security measures when handling weapons and ammunition.

His lawyer believes that the military unit is deliberately shifting responsibility for the accident on him. According to Namig Veliyev, the lawyer, his client’s signature in the document, saying that the soldier allegedly underwent instruction in combat equipment was falsified. He believes the Ministry of Defense bears responsibility for it.

However, the Defense Ministry is in no hurry to blame anyone. Minister Nurlan Ermekbaev said that they are considering all the versions, including violation of security requirements by the military personnel themselves.

“If such a version is confirmed, then the military unit has the right, in principle, to demand damage compensation,” he said.

Immediately after the incident, according to Sergei Koshelev, they planned to invalid him out, but opened a criminal case instead. For the time being, the man remains obligated to serve in the army.

09:09, 16 October 2019


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