Shymkent rescuers sent to Zhambyl rgn

Employees of Shymkent’s Emergency Situations Department provide assistance in eliminating the consequences of the explosion in Zhambyl region, refers to the DES of the city reporting.

“Shymkent DES forces and means were sent to the place of emergency: 8 units of equipment and 33 people, specialists of the branch of the Center for Disaster Medicine. In addition, there is one DJI Matrice 200 unmanned aerial drone with a flight time of 30 minutes,” the press service said.

The forces and means of Shymkent DES arrived at the scene on August 27 at 04.05 am. Now they are near the school in Baizak village, 10 km from the explosion site, and await instructions from the HQ.

Earlier it was reported that on August 26 at about 19:00, a fire broke out near the ammunition depot of the military unit stationed in Bayzak district of Zhambyl region. The fire resulted in powerful explosions. Residents of nearby villages were evacuated. At the moment, 66 victims are known to have been admitted to hospitals in Zhambyl region.

Lubov Dobrota
13:56, 27 August 2021

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