Search for students in Turkestan mountains: another body found

Photo of MES RK press service
In the mountains of Turkestan region, rescuers found another body of one of the students lost in the Makpalsay gorge, refers to Talgat Uali, a spokesman for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan, who announced it.

As he noted, the gorge is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, and due to the difficult mountainous terrain and rocky slopes, transportation of the body by helicopter was impossible.

"On foot the rescuers arranged a crossing over the Ugam River (current speed of 20 m/s) to move to the body. The body was brought to the place where the aircraft could "hover" in the air and, with the use of a winch, the body was lifted on board and handed over to the police for examination, "Uali said.

Recall: on May 21, a group of seven tourists, which included six students of the Nazarbayev University and one graduate of the Kentau lyceum, went on a hike to Lake Susyngen through the Saryaygyr gorge. The group planned to return in three days.

On May 25, the tourists’ families called 112 service to report them missing. A search was immediately announced, in which unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters were involved.

On the afternoon of May 28, rescuers of Turkestan region found three of the seven missing. They were seen from a helicopter on the rocks on the Ugam River banks. The next day, the body of one of the tourists was found downstream, and a little later, two kilometers downstream, another member of the group was found.

As the Ugam river is transboundary, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Uzbekistan was involved in the search, and on June 10, the republican operational and rescue team was also involved.

21:15, 12 June 2021

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