Schoolboy committed suicide due to classmates’ ridicule for poor football playing

Photo Adilbek Tauekelov
A schoolboy committed suicide due to bullying by his classmates for playing football poorly, correspondent quotes first deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Marat Kozhayev as saying at a CCS briefing.

“In one of the schools in our country, 12-year-old schoolchildren systematically exerted psychological pressure on their classmate for not knowing how to play football. Several games of the football team were lost, and this classmate was blamed for his poor play. The boy committed suicide for ridicule, "Kozhayev said.

According to him, introduction of the concept of bullying and cyberbullying into the legislation will allow identifying a range of problematic issues and a comprehensive approach to their solution.

"In general, in 80% of childhood suicide, it is impossible to establish the cause. It is possible that they have psychological trauma associated with systematic offenses, including from peers," he stressed.

Zhanat Tukpiev
18:34, 2 March 2021