Rescue of drowning teenagers caught on video in Arkalyk

The rescue of drowning teenagers was caught on video in Arkalyk, refers to reporting.

The local police inspectors Syrym Tunter and Alshynbek Baydilda started patrolling on July 27 in the evening shift. An hour later, at about 20:00, a call came to 102 service that two teenagers were drowning in an artificial reservoir. The police immediately arrived at the scene.

“We saw two guys drowning. One was trying to pull the other out of the water. My partner and I jumped into the water. The depth in some parts of the reservoir is impressive, ”says Syrym Tunter.

The teenagers were pulled ashore, one of them was already unconscious. The policemen provided first aid and called an ambulance.

One of the minors was hospitalized, the second suffered less. It turned out that the two friends came to a bridge that connects two neighborhoods of the city, separated by a body of water. One of them decided to swim, climbed into the water, swam a little and began to sink. His friend, holding on to the concrete support of the bridge, tried to pull his friend out, but fell into the water and began to sink too. At this time, the police came to the rescue.

The hospitalized boy came to his senses and first of all thanked his rescuers, as well as his friend.

19:50, 28 July 2021

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