Police told about human trafficking in Kazakhstan

Shynar Kucherbayeva, a senior detective of the MIA Criminal Police Department told about human trafficking in Kazakhstan, correspondent reports.

"The sums earned on this crime differ. If it is sexual exploitation, then from 50 000 tenge to several thousand dollars. There is a trade in newborns - it is about 2-3 thousand dollars, there were cases of swap for an apartment, a car. On average, there are about 200 criminal cases related to human trafficking. In recent years, several channels for Kazakh citizens trafficking to Turkey, South Korea and Bahrain have been liquidated," the speaker said.

Human trafficking, she noted, is a crime that is not committed by one person, there is a whole chain - those who sell, those who exploit.

"If it is forced labor, then people are mainly used in the peasant economy, in pastures. If it is sexual exploitation, then the girls are brought to the cities and forced into sexual exploitation in hotels, saunas, apartments. Over eight months of this year, 64 criminal cases were initiated on crimes related to human trafficking. This year, 26 persons were convicted for these crimes, added Kucherbayeva.

Earlier it was reported that 1,200 people were missing in Kazakhstan

Ekaterina Eliseeva
16:06, 28 September 2020