Police is investigating death of 13-year-old TV channel presenter

Photo from Makpal Zhumabay’s Instagram
In Nur-Sultan, police began a pre-trial ivestigation into the death of a 13-year-old prensenter of the television channel Balapan, reports.

According to the city police department, Kutzhan Baglan, who was riding a bike on the roadside, died in hospital on May 16.

The traffic accident happened on May 10 on the road to Kosshy, near the Garden village. The police are looking into the circumstances of the traffic accident.

Earlier a post about the accident with Kutzhan Baglan appeared in the social media. It was the director of the TV channel "Balapan" Makpal Zhumabai who announced in her Instagram account the death of the 13-year-old presenter.

15:35, 18 May 2019


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