Police car in Shu hit woman, policeman tried to run from accident scene

video screen
In Zhambyl region, a policeman in his official car hit a woman to death. She died on the spot from the blow, reports.

According to the TV channel, the accident took place near the train station in Shu. A 25-year-old district criminal police officer hit a 48-year-old woman. She died before the ambulance arrival. Eyewitnesses say the driver was drunk and wanted to hide his belonging with police authorities. Also, according to them, he tried to escape from the accident scene.

The police have categorically denied all these allegations, claiming that the woman was crossing the road in the wrong place. But for violation of traffic rules, which resulted in death, a criminal case was filed all the same, the report says.

"The police officer was placed in the temporary detention facility. A medical examination confirmed that the 25-year-old policeman did not use alcohol and drugs. An investigation is underway. Recordings from all video cameras will be carefully studied, all the necessary examinations will be assigned," the head of Zhambyl PD press service, Gulsar Mukhtarkulova, commented.

23:21, 20 January 2021

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