"Nur-Sultan residents are poisoned with hazardous chemicals at night" - akimat's comment

Photo from the source
A video shot by a resident of Nur-Sultan is being distributed in messengers. It shows a truck with tanks filled with an unknown liquid, and men in overalls standing nearby. The author of the video assumes that there is poison in the tanks, and what is happening is the deliberate spraying of pesticides in order to kill people. This is not true, reports with reference to

This message was denied by the Nur-Sultan akimat.

“The video captures the moment of desinsection works against mosquitoes and midges. The works are carried out by Stolichnaya Disinfection LLP together with the Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management. They use a solution that is absolutely safe for people, animals and plants. The work is carried out at night and in the morning,” the press service of the department said.

Also, the capital akimat reminded that responsibility is provided for dissemination of deliberately false information.

This is not the first time that Kazakhstanis have been distributing videos about “spraying poisons”. Earlier, we talked about a resident of the Ordabasy district of the Turkestan region, who filmed airplanes, claiming that people were being poisoned from the air. Later, the man admitted that it was a fake and made a public apology. A pre-trial investigation is underway.

13:19, 3 August 2021

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