Horse ridden to death at Baiga tournament in Nur-Sultan

A thoroughbred horse was ridden to death at the republican tournament in national equestrian sports in Nur-Sultan, reports.

As reported, the horse successfully covered the distance of 25 kilometers, but at the finish line suddenly began to stagger, and then collapsed to the ground. They tried to lift him, but the horse died.

“He fell and died, which means he was not prepared. The trainer is to blame for it. It means that he doesn’t feel the horse,” said equestrian sports coach Sekenai Bobekbai.

The Alaman Baige is considered the most prestigious, longest and tough distance. Few can cover 25 kilometers. In this tournament, for example, out of 31 participants, only 17 reached the finish line.

09:11, 21 October 2020

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