Fish froze into ice in North Kazakhstan lake

In North Kazakhstan region, on the Balykty lake, Yesil district, 50 kilograms of fish died, refers to reporting.

Judging by the footage in social media, the fish literally froze into the ice. Ildar Kakimov, head of the department of the Yesil interregional basin inspection of fisheries, confirmed that it was not mass death, the fish really froze.

Blinov business cut a lane for fishing into which water seeped. The large snow cover and pressure squeezed the water out. The work was postponed. But in the process of water withdrawal, the fish also came out, and unable to go back it froze into the ice when the air temperature dropped," I. Kakimov said.

Samples were taken by local veterinary officials to check if the fish was fit for consumption.

The regional prosecutor's office noted that an inspection is being conducted on behalf of the environmental prosecutor's office.

12:08, 2 April 2021