Ex-official from sports suspected of embezzlement of KZT 240 mln in Turkestan

Photo: Tauekelov
The specialized inter-district court for criminal cases of the Turkestan region has begun to consider the case against the former head of the regional sports department, judge Dauren Madaliev told

“The ex-head of the regional department of sports and tourism, Polat Kyrykbayev, is charged under two articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan - “Creation and management of an organized criminal group” and “Embezzlement of entrusted other people's property on an especially large scale”. Together with him in the dock there are three more people - the chief accountant, the head of the department and the head coach of football. The chief accountant is under the written pledge not to leave country, and the rest are taken into custody,” said Dauren Madaliev.

According to the investigation, the ex-leader and his accomplices appropriated 240 million tenge during the year, allocated for the nutrition of children who go in for sports while participating in competitions. The bulk of this money allegedly ended up in the pockets of functionaries from sports. And not a significant part reached the children - from 5 to 40% of the need. This went on throughout the entire 2019.

“Such cases have been considered for a long time, I have experience in handling such complex cases involving theft and embezzlement of large sums of money. There are 150 volumes of the criminal case to be investigated. The consideration of the case will take about six months. I think we'll finish it in December. If the guilt of the defendants is proven, then the sanctions of the presented articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan imply punishment for all four from 15 to 25 years in prison with confiscation of property and life deprivation of the right to hold certain positions,” said Dauren Madaliev.
Lyubov Dobrota
18:51, 29 July 2021

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