Drug dealer from another country detained in Atyrau

Screenshot from video
A 32-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan, who came to Atyrau from Taraz, was engaged in the sale of drugs. He was exposed by Atyrau region's drug-related crime department during Operation Karasora-2021, refers to the Instagram account of the regional Police Department.

The police detained a citizen of Uzbekistan while he was hiding drugs. During the body search, the police found 29 parcels with a substance of unknown origin, and seized another 40 in the house.

According to the person involved in drug trafficking, these were Mef drugs. The seized drugs with a total weight of 19.7531 grams were sent for forensic medical examination.

“Pre-trial investigation is underway, and the suspect was taken to a pre-trial detention facility, ”said the head of Atyrau region’s police department Kamza Umbetkaliyev.

09:19, 2 August 2021

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