Director of hospital paid "salary" to his son in the amount of KZT 2 m in Atyrau rgn

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In the Atyrau region, a sentence was passed to the ex-deputy of the maslikhat, the director of the Kurmangazin district central hospital - she was found guilty of embezzling 2 million tenge, reports with reference to the regional publication Ak Zhaiyk.

According to the newspaper, Mutiyeva was accused of abuse of office and committing illegal actions. Thus, the court found that the director of the hospital turned a blind eye to the fact that the gardener does not go to work every day and does not fulfill his duties. At the same time, she made sure that his salary was charged on time. For 1.5 years in a relaxed mode, the man received more than 600 thousand tenge.

It also turned out that the director had registered her son as a janitor at the hospital. At the same time, the young man did not work a single day, at that time he studied at the university in Almaty at all. Despite this, the director's son received a "salary" of 2 million tenge during the year.

As a result, Mutiyeva was found guilty and sentenced to one year of restriction of freedom. The woman was forever deprived of the right to hold positions in the civil service, in public organizations and subjects of the quasi-public sector.

Adil Saptaev
13:09,26 November 2021

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