Defense Ministry named four explosions victims

Four people died in the fire at the engineering ammunition depot in Zhambyl region, refers to the press service of the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan reporting.

"Two contract servicemen died: Sergeant Marat Meshinbay, 1981 y.b., corporal Ruslan Zhanbolatov, 1981 y.b., and a member of the militarized guard, citizen Orazbek Dalibayev ", - the report says.

According to the ministry, Sergeant Marat Meshinbay and corporal Ruslan Zhanbolatov were part of the fire brigade of the military unit, extinguishing the fire. Being near the explosions, they sustained injuries incompatible with life.

"The militarized guard member Orazbek Dalibayev served as an assistant to the chief of the guard for the protection of the warehouse, and died from the explosions of ammunition, performing his duties. The fourth dead is the military prosecutor of the southern region, Colonel of Justice Arman Kapezov. The Ministry of Defense expresses condolences to the families of the victims," the Ministry added.

Earlier it was reported that on August 26 at about 19:00, a fire broke out near one of the warehouses in the military unit stationed in Bayzak district of Zhambyl region. The fire resulted in powerful explosions. Residents of nearby villages were evacuated. At the moment, 66 people are known to have been admitted to hospitals in Zhambyl region.

Ekaterina Eliseeva
10:47, 27 August 2021

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