Building of railway station burned in Makinsk

Photo from the source
Oil spilled on the stove was a preliminary cause of a fire in a railway cafe in Makinsk, Akmola region, reports with reference to Akmola media ortalygy.

On the night of August, at 1:33 am, the firemen received a telephone message that the building of the railway station in Makinsk was on fire. Three minutes later, the firefighters arrived at the scene of the emergency, and it was found that the dining room of the Makinka station was on fire with the fire going to the roof,” the press service of the Emergency Situations Department of Akmola region said.

The total area of the fire was 60 sq. m. Within an hour the fire was localized and in another hour it was completely liquidated. Thanks to the prompt actions of the firefighters, it was possible to save the building of the railway station. There are no casualties or injuries.

The preliminary cause of the fire is the oil spilled on the stove. The cafeteria workers were preparing food, and a fire broke out through negligence. However, this is only a preliminary reason from the words of the workers. A research test fire laboratory will later establish the exact cause of the fire.

13:00, 3 August 2021

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