Astana resident tried to commit suicide on the air

screen from video
Nur-Sultan policemen rescued a man who tried to commit suicide on the air, reports with reference to the city police department.

According to the press service, the Operations Center of the Police Department received a call from a user of the social network Facebook that an unknown man was trying to jump off the bridge on the air.

"Immediately, video surveillance operators found a man on the Saraishyk bridge. A patrol police crew was sent to the scene. Behind the railing of the bridge, officers found a man who was in a stressful state and was about to jump down. While talking to the policeman, he began to complain about life, he also said that divorced recently and misses his children. While talking with the man, the policeman tried to persuade him not to jump. At the moment when the patrolmen managed to get as close as possible, they grabbed the man and took him over the railing to a safe place," the PD said.

A 34-year-old resident of the capital, who was trying to commit suicide, was taken to the Esil district police department for further investigation. To stabilize the psycho-emotional state of the man, psychologists worked with him.

The press service also clarified that the man himself was on the air.
19:33, 27 October 2020

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