Another animal torture case revealed in Almaty rgn

In Almaty region, a dog was dragged along the road, tied to a car, reports.

Photos of the incident appeared in social media.

“The village of Baiterek. That’s how they “walk” the dog. The dog is foaming at the mouth. I came to find out and the driver told me that he was “transporting” the dog from the enclosure. The number can be seen well," the message under the photo says.

The Almaty region’s Police Department reported that a 52-year-old resident of the village of Baiterek, Enbekshikazakh district, was identified and taken to the police station.

Legal assessment of the man’s actions will be given, the police say.

In early January, a video appeared in social media of a man tying a dog to his car and hauling it along the asphalt. The video was posted by a resident of Atyrau on her Facebook page. She also said that she was trying to stop the driver.

Earlier, a similar incident happened in Ekibastuz, which was also caught on video: a car hauling the dog on the asphalt.

Ekaterina Eliseeva
15:35, 13 January 2021

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