World Bank allocates $75 m to modernize secondary education in Kazakhstan

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RK Ministry of Education and Science together with the World Bank launched the project “Modernization of secondary education”. The project is designed for 17 years for the amount of 75 million US dollars, said Vice-Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Elmira Sukhanberdiyeva at a press conference in the Central Communications Service, reports.

“$ 75 million will be used to update the entire database, the great potential of schoolchildren and to train rural teachers. All the money will be spent on improvement of the quality of education to reduce the gap between rural and urban schools, and to support inclusive education. The financial report is monitored by the Government and the World Bank," said Sukhanberdiyeva.

The Vice-Minister noted that about 60 percent of the total amount for the project was allocated to provide more than five thousand rural schools with multimedia equipment.

"The project is primarily aimed at financing rural schools, namely, to provide them with equipment," added Sukhanberdiyeva.

She also raised the issue of providing Internet in schools located in remote areas.

The Ministry of Education and Science also plans to improve professional skills of defectologists, specialists in psychological, medical and pedagogical consultations and correctional offices. Also at the National Scientific and Practical Center of Correctional Pedagogy it is planned to open a publishing center, which will provide educational institutions with educational literature in Braille.

In conclusion, Sukhanberdiyeva reported that the main beneficiaries of the project will be about 3 million schoolchildren, including children with special educational needs, 170 thousand teachers and principals of rural schools, as well as students of pedagogical universities of the country.
Zhanat Tukpiev
14:43, 20 November 2018


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