Whopping rise in bread price observed in Kazakhstan in a year

Photo: Akhanov
Decline is observed in bakery, pasta and flour confectionery output production in Kazakhstan, refers to reporting.

The production volume of bakery, pasta and flour confectionery output in this year H1 in Kazakhstan stands at KZT111 billion - 11.8% less than on-year (IPI - 88.2%).

In physical terms, the largest reduction in production is on fresh bread - by 21.3%, to 266.6 thousand tons. The output of pasta, noodles, couscous and similar flour products decreased too - by 17.9%, to 75.6 thousand tons. The production of cakes and confectionery products of non-durable storage decreased by 17.7% to 13.9 thousand tons.

Only the production of rusks and biscuits, and shelf-stable confectionery, cakes showed insignificant growth - by 0.8%, to 56.5 thousand tons.

At the same time, prices for bread rose by whopping 5.9% over the year. Rye and wheat bread went up the most - by 9.2%. Pasta rose in price by 10.3%, most of all noodles - by 11.6%.

Bakery and flour confectionery products rose in price by 8.2%.

16:32, 30 July 2021

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