Tengri Bank depositors will be able to apply for refund

Photo: Tauekelov
Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund (KDIF) announced the start date and the procedure for payments to depositors of the Tengri Bank JSC, reports.

The KDIF has identified Eurasian Bank JSC as the agent bank, which at the expense of the Fund will make payments of guarantee compensation to the Tengri Bank depositors.

The agent bank will also provide an option for remote submission of applications and online verification of reimbursement amounts, the detailed information on which can be obtained on the website of Eurasian Bank JSC.

The payment of the guarantee compensation through the agent bank will be carried out over the next 12 months - until September 30, 2021. After the specified period, the Fund may extend the term of the agreement with the agent bank. After the end of the deadline for payments through the agent bank, the Tengri Bank depositors will be able to apply for payment directly to the KDIF.

For payment of balances in excess of the amount guaranteed by the KDIF, depositors have the right to apply to the liquidation commission of the Tengri Bank JSC after the court's decision on the forced liquidation of the bank comes into legal force.

General information on deposit guarantees and the procedure for making compensation payments is available on the Fund's website Investors can seek advice by calling 1460, via chat on the KFGD website, in the Telegram chat @kdif_ask, on the official pages of the Fund on Facebook and Instagram, as well as by emailing to

15:31, 25 September 2020