Taxes on land and estate for 2020 will be paid in single sum

The State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance explained how to pay taxes on land and property for 2020, reports.

"In accordance with amendments to the tax legislation from January 1, 2020, taxes on land plots and real estate owned by individuals have been combined into a single tax on property of individuals. In this connection, the calculated tax amount includes liabilities for real estate and land and is paid in a single amount, "- the State Revenue Office announced.

The deadline for payment of property tax for 2020 expires on October 1, 2021, the press service reminded.

The property tax amount before its due date with the simultaneous possibility of making payment on ready details can be found in the "Upcoming Payments" service, the "E-salyq Azamat" mobile app, as well as in the mobile applications of banks and Homebank.

Besides, information on taxation objects can be seen in the "Tax wallet" section of the mobile app "E-salyq Azamat" or State Revenue Department can be contacted at the location of such objects.

10:19, 13 August 2021

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