Staples and services rose in price in Kazakhstan in July

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The press service of the National Bank of Kazakhstan published an overview of inflationary trends in the regions of the country for July 2021, reports.

Inflation in July 2021 stands at 0.7% (in June - 1.1%). Food prices over the month went 0.7% up (in June - 1.7%), non-food prices - 0.5% (in June - by 0.8%), paid services - 0.8% (in June - 0.7%). In annual terms, inflation amounts to 8.4% (in June - 7.9%).

The largest contribution to the annual growth in prices continues to be made by Almaty and Almaty oblast (1.3 pp and 1.0 pp, respectively), which have the largest weight in the CPI for Kazakhstan. The rise in prices in these regions amounted to 7.7% and 8.3%, respectively.

Groceries in annual terms rose in price by 11.0% (in June - by 10.6%). The minimum growth was observed in Nur-Sultan (9.4%), the maximum - in the Mangistau region (12.4%).

Prices for non-foods in the country rose by 7.2% (in June - by 6.9%). The largest rise in prices for non-foods was recorded in Nur-Sultan (7.9%), the smallest - in Pavlodar region (6.5%).

Paid services in the country became more expensive by 6.1% (in June - by 5.6%), while in Pavlodar region the price rise made 8.3%, prices for paid services increased significantly less in Almaty (by 5.1% ).

Growth in food prices continues to make the largest contribution to the monthly CPI. Over the past month, the contribution of growth in prices of this group to monthly inflation amounted to 0.29 percentage points. (in June - 0.58 p.p.), of which 0.21 p.p. brought about an increase in prices for meat and meat products. Vegetables and fruits, which made the largest contribution to June inflation (0.36 pp), made a negative contribution to inflation ((-) 0.15 pp) in July, having fallen in price by 3.2%.

Prices for foods in the country as a whole increased by 0.7% over the month (in June - by 1.7%). In general, in Kazakhstan, the rise in prices for non-foods in July stands at 0.5% (in June - 0.8%).

Diesel fuel has become more expensive by 2.0%. The highest growth was noted in West Kazakhstan and Atyrau regions (by 5.5% and 5.0%, respectively). In July, gasoline prices in the country as a whole did not change much (0.9%), the maximum growth (by 2.0%) was recorded in Zhambyl region, while in Turkestan region and Shymkent, a decrease was noted (by 1.0% and 0.5%, respectively).

Paid services in July made a greater contribution to monthly inflation than non-foods - 0.23 percentage points. (in June - 0.25 pp), the rise in prices for the month amounts to 0.8% (in June - 0.7%). The highest rise in prices for services was recorded in Karaganda region (by 1.5%).

In July, in all regions except Mangistau, Turkestan regions and the cities of Almaty and Shymkent, electricity tariffs have grown.

Cold water prices increased by 1.0% in general due to the increase in tariffs in West Kazakhstan region (by 17.7%) and in Shymkent (by 8.0%). Water disposal services in Shymkent increased by the same price, and in West Kazakhstan region the growth made 10.8%, in other regions prices did not change, the growth in the country made 0.7%.

14:53, 16 August 2021

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