South Korean investors present business projects in Nur-Sultan

An investment forum will be held in Nur-Sultan in November, where South Korean companies will present joint business projects worth from $ 5 to $ 75 million, reports.

Korean businessmen intend to bring samples of their products to the capital of Kazakhstan.

Thus, the president of the agro-biotechnical company Kim Ki-chon will demonstrate in Nur-Sultan a product that destroys weeds without damaging the future harvest.

Another development of the agrarian company is an organic film for soil protection, which cannot be distinguished from polyethylene. After the crop is harvested, a film made of starch remains in the soil.

About fifty companies will come to the forum in Nur-Sultan. They intend to create joint companies on the territory of Kazakhstan with local businessmen for production of clothing, footwear, cosmetics, sugar and cheese. Projects for production of elevators and recycling of waste into energy will be proposed.

"Not far from the station in Nur-Sultan, we plan to build a cosmetic plant. It is important that if all these projects are implemented, it will be "Made in Kazakhstan" products using Korean technologies. The Kazakh government is providing us with great support," said Chung Chin Yong, chairman of the Central Asian Chamber of Commerce.

The forum is scheduled for November 21-24.
16:05, 11 October 2020