Progress of preparations for spring field work reviewed by RK Government

At the online meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin, the preparation for spring field work was considered, reports with reference to the press service of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov reported on the agrarians' readiness for the sowing campaign, on the supply of fuels and lubricants - the Minister of Energy Nurlan Nogayev, on the situation in the regions - akims of the Turkestan region Umirzak Shukeyev, the Kostanay region Arhimed Mukhambetov, the North Kazakhstan region Kumar Aksakalov, Akmola region - Ermek Marzhikpaev.

This year, it is planned to sow 22.8 million hectares of land, which is 186.6 thousand hectares more than in 2020. Cereals and leguminous crops will be planted on the area of 15.8 million hectares (including wheat - 12.1 million hectares), oilseeds - 3 million hectares, cotton - 116.5 thousand hectares, sugar beets - 21.8 thousand hectares, vegetables and melons and potatoes - 489 thousand hectares, forage crops - 3.4 million hectares.

The required volume of diesel fuel was determined for spring field works - 380 thousand tons. The average price for agricultural producers will be about 165 tenge / liter.

The republic has 141.7 thousand tractors, 73.2 thousand seeders, 221.2 thousand tillage implements, 4.3 thousand seeding complexes. As of March 29, 2021, the readiness of agricultural machinery for spring field work is 97%.

To support the subjects of the agro-industrial complex of Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC, a loan was allocated from the republican budget in the amount of 70 billion tenge. The interest rate for end borrowers will not exceed 5% per annum. The allocated funds will allow financing 2,400 agribusiness entities covering 3 million hectares of sown areas.

Along with budgetary lending, this year, the amount of allocated funds was increased (from 24.5 billion to 45.3 billion tenge) for the forward purchase of agricultural products.

"High-quality and timely implementation of spring field work is one of the important components of ensuring the food security of the country. Last year, despite the pandemic, sowing was carried out at a very high level. Agricultural technologies were strictly observed, fertilizers and plant protection products were applied in a timely manner. This year the Government has also made all the necessary decisions on financial and material-technical support of spring sowing," A. Mamin said.

The Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Ecology, together with the Ministry of Agriculture and akimats, to take measures to ensure the stable supply of irrigation water to agricultural producers in the southern regions of the republic, including in the long term.

Akims of the regions were instructed to complete the work on approving the lists and norms of subsidies for agricultural producers within a week, the Ministry of Energy - to ensure the supply of the required amount of diesel fuel for sowing.

"The Ministry of Agriculture, together with regional akimats, within the framework of the ongoing diversification of sown areas, should pay special attention to increasing the volume of production of socially significant food products," A. Mamin said.
10:25, 30 March 2021