New conditions for tobacco products sale take effect in Kazakhstan from Oct 1

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Cigarettes have risen in price by 13% over the year. The sale of tobacco products from October 1 is complicated by new conditions, reports with reference to

By the beginning of September, the cost of one pack of cigarettes in retail outlets was already 489 tenge - plus 12.7% per year. A pack of cigarettes is the most expensive in Aktobe (534 tenge), Nur-Sultan (521 tenge) and Taraz (506 tenge), the cheapest – in Petropavlovsk (468 tenge), Kyzylorda (471 tenge) and Pavlodar (474 tenge).

The Finance Ministry informs: from October 1, 2020, within the first stage of introducing digital labeling, new conditions for the sale of tobacco products come into effect - now it is subject to mandatory labeling. Any turnover of tobacco products will be possible only with the use of a 2D scanner, which reads the necessary data and allows it to be transferred to the fiscal data operators. This will ensure market transparency and protect the population from counterfeit products - cheap but dangerous counterfeit products.

According to the RK Government resolution of October 1, 2020, filter cigarettes containing tobacco are subject to mandatory labeling of tobacco products; from April 1, 2021 - also other types of tobacco products, such as sticks, cigars, cigarillos, heated tobacco.

In May 2020, the Statistics Committee conducted a survey of the adult population on tobacco consumption for the first time that involved 5.5 million respondents. According to the survey, currently 21.9% of the participants smoke tobacco, another 78.1% do not.

The country smokes 14.1 million pieces of tobacco products a day. Almost the entire volume (97%) is industrially produced cigarettes.

961.9 thousand people in Kazakhstan smoke industrially produced cigarettes every day. Almost half of all smokers - 440.6 thousand people - use 15-24 such cigarettes a day.

Another quarter - 236.5 thousand respondents - smoke 10-14 cigarettes daily. 16.9% of participants smoke 5-9 cigarettes a day.

In January-August 2020, the companies produced 10.6 billion cigarettes, cigars, cigarets and other similar products - 9.9% more than last year. In monetary terms, production amounts to 131.6 billion tenge.

According to the seven months’ results, local companies provided demand (export plus sales on the domestic market) for cigarettes and cigarets by 74.7%, against 39.9% a year earlier.

The imports account for 25.3% share respectively. Only 3 billion cigarettes and cigarets were brought into the country - 4 times less than a year earlier. Exports account for 13.9% of resources, against 13.4% a year earlier.

10:39, 28 September 2020