Kazakhstan's economic opportunities presented in Norway
A business seminar Kazakhstan: New Economic Opportunities was held in Oslo, cites the press service of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reporting.

The event, organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan, was attended by more than thirty representatives of the Norwegian business and sectoral institutions of transport and logistics, agriculture, trade, telecommunications, energy, construction, food industry and others.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, Roman Vasilenko informed about results of the presidential elections in Kazakhstan and the ten priorities identified by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his inaugural speech.

Kazakhstan- Norway trade in 2018 amounted to just over $ 60 million, which, according to Vasilenko, points to the presence of significant potential for trade and economic cooperation.

The business seminar identified three main interaction areas in the medium term. First of all, it is establishment of transport communication and logistics between Kazakhstan and Norway. The second promising area is agriculture, with a focus on the export of wheat from Kazakhstan, fish and seafood from Norway, as well as the joint development of aquaculture.

Roman Vasilenko also presented the prospects opening up for the Norwegian business in the International Financial Center Astana and invited financial institutions, private investors, innovators of fintech to use all the advantages offered in this center.

The deputy Foreign Minister talked on the potential for cooperation between the International Center for IT start-ups Astana Hub and the International Center for Green Technologies and investment projects with the Norwegian development institutions.

Regional representative of the National Company Kazakh Invest Zhandos Nurlanov spoke about the preferences and benefits for foreign businessmen in Kazakhstan.

18:53, 19 June 2019


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