Kazakhstanis began to take more loans - research

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Over the year, bank loans to the economy of Kazakhstan have grown 5.7% and totaled 13.4 trillion tenge in September, reports.

It is noted that not all market segments have the same lending support from banks; the fastest growing are retail lendings.

The largest increase in money was observed in the consumer lending sector: by 724.8 billion tenge, up to 3.9 trillion tenge.

"It is already 29.4% of the total loan portfolio, against 25.7% a year earlier - the highest rate among the credit segments of the market," analysts say.

Mortgage lending is in the growth zone too: plus 429.9 billion tenge, up to 1.7 trillion tenge. The sector of construction and purchase of housing by citizens already takes up 13% of the portfolio, against 10.4% a year earlier.

The largest decline in lending activity was observed in the segment of business acquiring working capital (minus 478.6 billion tenge, up to 2.8 trillion tenge), as well as in the construction and reconstruction sector (minus 90.4 billion tenge, up to 539.6 billion tenge). Loans to businesses for the purchase of fixed assets are in the red- by 31.8 billion tenge, up to 1.1 trillion tenge.

The most “clean” loan portfolios among large segments are in construction and purchase of housing by citizens (overdue loans there account for only 3.7% of the loans) and in consumer loans (only 5.9%).

The best portfolio quality is in the segment of securities acquisition: overdue loans occupy only 0.01% of the loans. However, the loan segment itself makes up only 0.5% of the total loans to the economy.

The lowest quality of the loan portfolio is in the fixed assets acquisition segment (11.9% of the loan portfolio).

13:37, 22 November 2019


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