Kazakhstani consumers will not be misled by foreign manufacturers

It concerns advertising of brands.
EEC member (Minister) for Competition and Antitrust Regulation Nurlan Aldabergenov told an enlarged session of the Justice Ministry about intended steps in Kazakhstan, forbidding foreign firms to mislead Kazakhstan consumers, reports.

Aldabergenov exemplified one study, in which 80 percent of polled Kazakhstanis took imported milk for our country’s milk, simply because of Kazakhstan-styled design on the packaging.

To prevent this, it is offered to make changes in the national legislation and ban the registration of trademarks, which use words and images misleading consumers about the country of origin, Aldabergenov said.

Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) is a permanent supranational regulatory body of the EEU.

Talgat Isenov
13:17,5 February 2016

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