Kazakhstan regions with lowest income level named

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In the southern regions of Kazakhstan, the nominal average per capita monetary income in the country is much lower and does not even reach 100 000 tenge, refers to reporting.

According to the study, the average per capita nominal monetary income of the population in 2020 Q1 stands at 125.4 thousand tenge, which is 12.9% more on-year. In real terms, taking into account the prices of goods and services, the nominal monetary income of the population increased by 5.2%.

"Among Kazakhstan regions, average per capita nominal monetary incomes in Q4 of 2020 varied from 65.9 thousand tenge in Turkestan region to 230.2 thousand tenge in Atyrau. At the same time, in real terms, incomes in Atyrau region decreased by 2 percent, while in Turkestan they grew by 7.4 percent, "the study says.

In general, in Kazakhstan, the lowest nominal monetary incomes per capita are in the southern regions, where the indicator does not exceed 100 000 tenge: after Turkestan region goes Shymkent (79.1 thousand tenge), Zhambyl (86.5 thousand tenge) ), Almaty (90.7 thousand tenge) and Kyzylorda (91.2 thousand tenge) regions.

The highest nominal incomes per capita, in addition to Atyrau region, are in Nur-Sultan (192.9 thousand tenge) and Almaty (185 thousand tenge).

In addition to Atyrau region, the average per capita income of the population in real terms also decreased in Shymkent (-3.3%) and West Kazakhstan region (-5.1%).

In February of this year, the average per capita nominal monetary income of the population made 122.4 thousand tenge, which is 11% more compared to February 2020 and only 0.1% more than in January 2021.

10:13, 19 April 2021