Kazakhstan plans to export about 100 thous tons of gasoline in Dec

Photo: Tauekelov
About 100 thousand tons of gasoline is planned for export in December 2019. This was announced at a press conference in the Government by the Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Aset Magauov, correspondent reports.

“In June, the first batch was exported. We try to predict all surpluses in advance, make the forecast for the next months and set the surplus for export. As I said, in November we exported 80 thousand tons. In December we plan 100 thousand tons for export. Regulating export volumes, we are trying to prevent a shortage or oversupply of gasoline in the domestic market,” Magauov said.

According to him, they are working together with the Ministry of National Economy to establish transparent relations in the oil products market.

Zhanat Tukpiev
18:28, 6 December 2019


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