Kazakhstan meat appeared on UAE market

courtesy of RK MFA
Thanks to the joint efforts of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the United Arab Emirates and the Foreign Trade Chamber of Kazakhstan, this month the Kazakh company Optograd carried out two deliveries of Kazakhstan lamb to the largest wholesale and retail hypermarket chain LuLu in the UAE, which is widely represented throughout the Gulf states, cites Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry’s press service informing.

According to Almat Berdenov, director of the company, the Emirates market is attractive due to the price and consumer demand for high-quality foods.

At the end of April, with the assistance of Kazakhstan diplomats, the trade mission of Kazakhstan businessmen in Abu Dhabi was organized to promote Kazakhstan’s exports.

The first batches of Kazakhstan meat are already on sale in UAE, and export projects between the two countries are shortly expected, the Ministry says.

20:10, 19 June 2019


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