"It is clear that nothing is clear" - Nigmatulin on QazVac vaccine plant construction

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Discussing the amendments to the 2021 budget at the plenary session, Majilis deputies did not find the person responsible for the construction of the production of Kazakh vaccine QazVac, correspondent reports.

Majilis speaker, Nurlan Nigmatulin did not understand from the answers of the responsible persons of state bodies which authorized body is responsible for the construction of the plant.

"Who should I ask if we give 1.6 billion additionally? If production does not start in 3 months, there will be no industrial production, will you, the akimat or the contractor be responsible for it?" - he asked the Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov.

However, according to the head of the Ministry of Education and Science, all 4 projects envisaged by the roadmap by the Ministry of Education have been fully implemented.

“Alikhan Smailov, (First Deputy Prime Minister), can you then tell me who is responsible for the plant? We talk so much about it, cut the ribbons, the head of the Ministry of Health Alexei Tsoi successfully conducted the PR campaign. Now we need to clearly say when there will be industrial production. You see that the Minister of Education and Science says, this is not his responsibility, it is the contractor. The contractor, as I understand it, is still not such a deeply immersed specialist in the scientific field in these matters. Tsoi will now generally say that he only organizes. Who is in charge after all? " - Nurlan Nigmatulin insisted on the answer.

According to Alikhan Smailov, the Government is responsible for the construction of the plant. At the same time, the project is supervised by Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov, and among the ministries - by the Ministry of Education and Science.

"Now all the technical work is carried out by the akimat. As soon as it finishes the technical part, the Ministry of Education and Science will take over," Alikhan Smailov explained.

"It is clear that you yourself do not understand anything yet," the Majilis speaker replied.

He stressed that the responsibility for this important project must be personified.

"The population is waiting, the society is waiting for the vaccine. We have already announced so much, so now organize it. There are specific people in the Government. Everything depends on you now, time will pass quickly, " Nurlan Nigmatulin told A.Smailov.

Laura Tusupbekova
12:40, 5 May 2021

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